Top 6 Data Analytics tools in 2022

Ever wondered how much data is generated each year in this world? It’s zettabytes – roughly equivalent to a billion terabytes. Dealing with and organizing such a large amount of data effectively and efficiently is crucial. Data analytics tools make this possible.

Data analytics tools allow you to analyze, organize, and convert raw data into valuable information. Today’s commercial world is already losing out to companies that don’t utilize data insight when making business decisions. 

While ranking the best data analytics tools, several factors like flexibility, ease of use, and other features that make the data analysis process easier. Although numerous such solutions are available today, analysts should ensure that they select the right one for their analytical needs.

Let’s have a look at the top 6 Data Analytics tools in 2022:

Microsoft Power BI

The Power BI from Microsoft is one of the leading tools for visualizing data. It is compatible with almost any corporate system and offers interactive visualization capabilities. Additionally, you can create dashboards and reports without relying on other software or individual.


Data Analytics can be performed using Python, one of the most powerful programming languages. Python integrates with other programming platforms, including JSON, SQL, or MongoDB, and includes machine learning libraries. This programming language is more than a platform; it uses object-oriented scripts to accomplish its tasks. It comes with an extensive set of packages and libraries, enhancing a higher visualisation level.


Tableau is yet another data analytic tool that is becoming popular these days. The tool is a market leader in business intelligence, which allows the creation of reports and dashboards similar to that of Microsoft Power BI. Its free version, Tableau Public, is a good platform for non-data experts to create visualizations based on their data pool easily.

R Programming Language

In terms of data analysis and visualization, R is one of the most functional programming languages. R is an open-source programming language. R packages, such as ggplot2, lattice, and plotly, are well-suited for data visualization and analysis. 


Qlikview is a data analysis tool mainly known for its different features for Adhoc queries and decision-making capabilities. Additional features such as immediate response time, data integration, and data literacy help advance business processes by identifying trends and making better decisions. Moreover, it is economical and cost-efficient.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is probably the most familiar and easy-to-learn data analysis tool. It is an essential element of the Microsoft Office suite used for data collection and analysis. Excel’s Data analysis tool pack is a feasible method to store and report data in an organized format. Excel’s charts and graphs can visualize and interpret data more clearly. 


Data is the new oil, and data analysis tools are the machines that run it in the right way. Data analytics technology is used to assist in better decision-making and to generate customer insight based on data collected from data analytics tools. However, choosing the right analytics tool that meets the needs of your business is crucial. The above list of data analysis tools may be helpful if you are looking for the top data analytics tool in 2022. Choose the best!

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