Million coder
Envisaging a clear vision for the industry of future
“Equipping a million people worldwide with programming proficiency, thereby fostering future employment opportunities”
An invitation to educators worldwide
Million Coders invites educational institutions for a shared vision to promote positive changes in the challenging status quo.
As we prepare for the digital revolution and Industry 4.0, educational systems must evolve to meet the needs of future jobs, which are yet to exist.
By registering your students, we can foster a more diverse IT talent pool, ensuring a broader range of perspectives and skills.

What is ‘Million Coders’ initiative?
What is ‘Million Coders’ initiative?
Airtics created the 'Million Coders' initiative in collaboration with Acacia University, USA, to equip a million people with important programming skills needed to succeed in the evolving digital world.
The initiative recognises the significance of programming and its easier access to people worldwide, envisaging a clear vision in future employment opportunities.
A global campaign aiming to provide Program Certification from Acacia University, Arizona, USA, for educational institutions and professionals spanning over more than 25 countries.
Million Coders is not just about learning, but about doing. Utilizing robust and dynamic platforms like C#, Java, Python, R, and JavaScript, the initiative unlocks the possibilities in Unity Game Development, Android Development, Web & AR/VR Development, Blockchain, Data Science, AI, and ML.
How it works
Join us in this transformative journey and let's empower the next generation together!
Program Highlights
Program Highlights
  • Instigate an interest for programming.
  • Participation fee as minimum as $10 per individual.
  • Hybrid classes on Airtics Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Types of participants: Students from age 10, university graduates and professionals.
  • Programming structure has five tools that enable a user to famiSC.liarise with the core concepts of programming and its appSC.lications.
  • Recorded sessions allow participants to learn at their own pace.
  • Participants will be equipped with the skills to create real programming projects, which will boost their employment prospects.
  • With this initiative, those with greater vision and proficiency will have access to internships and startups.
  • Annual coding championship/hackathon where students and professionals from 25+ countries participate.
  • The winning groups receive a reward from a $20,000 prize pool.
  • Outstanding participants will receive Airtics scholarships for pursuing advanced programs.
  • Acacia University, USA, awards a university certification to all participants who complete the learning journey.
  • Being a part of this initiative, one can enhance their credentials both academically and professionally.
The combination of free classes, flexible scheduling, and the opportunity to compete for a substantial prize pool makes this program highly appealing and potentially rewarding for participants.
Who can Enrol ?

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