Mastering Python for Data Science
Mastering Python for Data Science course gives learners a complete overview of Python programming for Data Science, tools, and techniques. This discusses the basics of Python programming language and explores how to set up a Python environment to work with machine learning. Demonstrate different parts of a Python code, such as keywords, variables, data types, statements, functions, loops, and libraries and get familiarized with programming in Python for Data Science

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Program Duration

3 Months

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Blended Learning

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Course Overview

By enrolling in this 3-month program offered under Acacia University Professional Development (AUPD), you can gain valuable knowledge of Python libraries for dealing with applications of data science. This Python for Data Science program is the perfect fit for students looking to advance their careers and benefit from a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach.

Training Key Features

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    What you will learn

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    Skills Covered

    Introduction to Data Science

    Core Python - Basic concepts

    Data structure in Python

    OOP in Python

    Python Libraries for Data Science

    Mathematical Computing with Python (NumPy),

    Data Manipulation with Pandas


    Who Can Apply for the Course?

    Tools/ Frameworks/ Libraries

    Scripting tools

    Data science environment

    IDE shell


    Application And Use Cases

    Data Science in Sales & Marketing
    Future Sales Prediction, Price Optimization
    Data Science in Supply Chain & Logistics
    Demand Analytics
    Data Science in Manufacturing
    Actionable Preventive Maintenance
    Data Science in HR
    Predictive analytics


    This course is well suited for participants of all levels of experience because of the high demand for Data Science with Python programmers. Python for Data Science is beneficial for analytics professionals interested in Python, software and IT professionals interested in Analytics, as well as anyone with a genuine interest in Data Science.


    Good to have familiarity with basic concepts of mathematics and computer operating knowledge.

    Course Modules

    • Introduction to Data Science
    • Core Python – Basic concepts
      • Python Syntax
      • Data types
      • Variables 
      • Input/Output 
      • Control Structure
      • Loop 
      • Functions and Modules
    • OOP in Python
      • Encapsulation
      • Polymorphism
      • Inheritance
      • Abstraction


    • Learning python structure and how to write programs in it.
    • Basic concepts of Python, its syntax, functions, and conditional statements.
    • Acquire the prerequisite Python skills to move into specific branches – Machine Learning, and Data Science.
    • Understand packages to enable them to write scripts for data manipulation and analysis.
    • Data structure in Python
      • Stacks
      • Time Complexity
      • Searching and Sorting
      • Two Pointers
      • Recursion


    • Develop good strategies for designing, creating, and documenting well-structured programs utilizing suitable software engineering concepts.
    • Utilize mathematical approaches to examine the efficiency of the different algorithms offered and the common operations on the data structures.
    • Acquire practical skills in searching and sorting through data 
    • Learn core concepts of data structure like, stacks, time complexity and recursion
    • Python Libraries
      • Numpy
      • Matplotlib
      • Pandas


    • Acquire practical skills in data analyzing, handling & visualization using Python tools
    • Perform mathematic operations on a wide range of data using NumPy
    • Operate Pandas to sort through and rearrange data, run analyses, and build data frames
    • Ability to analyze by visualizing data with Matplotlib

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      Student Reviews

      Veeraiah Yadav Doddaka
      IT Manager, Samsung

      I choose to learn Data Science and explored many options on which institute to join, among that what I found is Airtics as the best in terms of the course curriculum/on line content they designed and most…..

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      Prasad Joshi
      RF Optimization Engineer, Nokia

      I was a Data Science student at Airtics Education, which helped build a solid data science background and sharpen my programming skills…

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      Mohamed Hanan
      Procurement Assistant

      The program in Data Science offered by Airtics Education is rigorous and has provided me with a greater understanding of the data science world…

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      Capstone Projects

      Showcase your capabilities with real-world projects

      Bring Your Own Project
      Learn to solve a problem that you/your organization is facing using Python for Data Science


      Choose From Curated Capstone Projects

      House Rental Prediction

      Image Classification

      Business Insights Reporting

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Data science isn’t just the way of the future, it’s the way of right now! It is being adopted in all sorts of industries, from health care to route planning, marketing & sales to banking industries and beyond. Even industries such as retail that you might not associate with big data are getting on board. Data science is the fuel of the 21st Century.

      We provide you with live recorded classes of the same session to follow up if you end up missing the same.

      Being a newbie in coding might be frightening. Python, however, is an exception. Especially when compared to more sophisticated languages like C, C++, and Java, it has an incredibly basic syntax and vocabulary, making it very easy to learn. Python is a clear choice of language for data scientists to learn.

      You’ll join a lot of people if you study Python. It’s one of the languages used the most in data science (and elsewhere). TIOBE’s 2020 index places it as the third most frequently spoken language in the world. It has surpassed my former favorite language, R, and has become the leader in data science in particular.

      Without at least a basic understanding of Python, it will be difficult to succeed in the field of data science. Fortunately, learning is fun!

      Aspirants and professionals who are having basic computer programming skills can enroll in the program.

      This course provides basic to advance programming knowledge. So having basic knowledge is an added benefit but not necessary.

      Python is a great language to learn for data science, but you may use the same abilities to get work in other areas of computer science as well. Since Python has been there and relevant for thirty years and is continually reinventing itself to be helpful for new occupations and vocations, it is more secure than any professional path. It’s possible that data science’s future is in doubt or that your professional objectives have changed. Python knowledge will benefit you in any situation.

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        Mastering Python for Data Science

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