7 Top Django Projects on GitHub for Beginners

Django is one of the most popular Python-based web frameworks where different projects can be created and uploaded on GitHub. If you are learning Python and want to master it just like a professional with years of hands-on experience, using Django will be the best option. Being a beginner, you might not know what projects are allowed on GitHub and what you can do.

So, to help you out of this condition, let us discuss the seven most Django projects suitable for GitHub for beginners.

Blog project

A blog website is one of the easiest projects you can develop with Django and upload the same on GitHub. It might look simple since you need a page listing all the blog posts, an ‘about us’ page, and a contact page. However, a new page should open up when the user clicks on the blog link, revealing the entire blog post. So, your website needs to be scalable. This means you can add a new web page to the site when a new blog is posted.

Web application for file sharing

You can create a web application that is designed to assist users in sharing files and in sending data securely. The receiver should be able to open the files with ease. Also, the sender must be allowed access to the file only to the receiver, other people who will be added to the group, and so on. Media, documents, pictures, and other types of files should also be supported by the platform.

Job portal on the open-source platform

If you want a job portal website, it should have two different parts. The user portal will allow the users to find the jobs they are looking for through the search bar and proper navigation. From the admin portal, the admin must be allowed to regulate the job posts, update and delete the older ones, manage the user profiles, and so on. Bookmarking should be allowed for the users for better interaction.

Polling app

Another popular project you can create with Django and upload the same on GitHub is the polling app. Just as the name sounds, it will allow the users to create a poll and launch the campaign on different platforms, including social media channels. There will be different types of polls. Add different ways the polls can be raised, like through a control slider bar, votes, etc.

Bookkeeping application

The bookkeeping application should allow users to upload financial transactions and maintain the overall books of accounts with ease. It should be highly secured, and the admin portal should be able to maintain the access of the users looking for an entry to the application.

Django CMS

One of the top-rated applications that you can create with Django is the CMS platform or the content management system. It should help the users to create, update, and delete any content on their website, along with creating different web pages to handle various operations on the content. You can also add an analytical tool that will help the users to keep an eye on the changing statistics of the content being uploaded or managed through the CMS platform.

Quiz and test project

Last but not least, you can work on test and quiz portals where the users will be able to take the quizzes and answer the tests. You also need to incorporate a certification platform so that the users can get the certification once the quiz and test are completed with marks above the cutoff level.

In this article, we discussed some of the most popular projects you can sign up for on GitHub after creating the codes using Python-based frameworks like Django. If you’re interested in learning more about Django, take a look at the programs offered by Airtics. 

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