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Airtics Education is the next evolution of online learning from the prestigious Westford Education Group. We offer the top IT certification programs, ideal for working professionals and fresh graduates to help them advance in those fields.
We’ve combined cutting-edge material with the best online technology and instructional design to improve learning outcomes while encouraging engagement and collaboration.
In addition, the learners are getting a unique opportunity to get certified by UCAM University, Spain, and Acacia University Professional Development Programs (AUPD).

How It Works

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Acacia University Professional Development Programs (AUPD)

Airtics Education enters into a strategic partnership with Acacia University, USA. The programs are offered as part of Acacia University Professional Development (AUPD). The AUPD certification is of greater value than a standard accreditation issued by an organization.

Elevate your learning experience

To give an excellent learning experience, we believe in offering the greatest technology training packed with necessary features.

Live virtual

Attend live training and be part of a virtual classroom where participants can interact, communicate, view and discuss.

Interactive learning with
flexible timing

Complete the program on your own terms. Flexible learning allows you to decipher when you will learn


Innovative curriculum designed in guidance with industry and academia to develop job-ready skills


Projects combining virtual labs with real-world data sets for practical instruction


An opportunity for guaranteed internships by connecting you with innovative companies

Learn from industry

Leading practitioners who bring current best practices and case studies to sessions that fit your work schedule.

24x7 learning

You are offered 24x7 learning support from mentors and a community of like-minded peers to resolve any conceptual doubts.

100% placement

Candidates who excel in internships get opportunities for placement at top MNCs having tie-ups with Airtics.

International university

A certification from Acacia University Professional Development (AUPD) is more valuable than a certification from an ordinary organizational body

Stay on top of your game

Gaining certifications will validate your skills and advance your career. Stay on top of your game and boost your credentials with the best IT certification courses in the industry.

Set yourself apart from your competitors by receiving advanced training in your field.

The advanced knowledge, information and training will provide you with cutting-edge strategies and tools for the industry.

Once you receive your certification, you join a group of qualified experts, which is the ideal opportunity to expand your professional network.

By enrolling in certificate programs, you hone your current work habits and sharpen your abilities.

Once you receive your certification, you join a group of qualified experts, which is the ideal opportunity to expand your professional network.

IT certified professionals typically make 8% more money than their uncertified colleagues, which applies to both, whether they are just starting or have some experience.

These certifications can help you keep up with the evolving IT industry by forcing you to think critically about IT issues that are too broad for one person’s expertise alone.

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